When running shoe innovation does not focus on runners any more, it is time for a revolution.

A new biomechanical principle. An unprecedented running sensation. A revolutionary shoe – for every runner. We combined our strengths and forces to center yours.

Center your run.

“We unite comfort and support to create something altogether new. Perfunctory category compromises like neutral or support have become obsolete. Once you get to feel this, you will see running shoes through different eyes.”

Andre Kriwet | Founder, innovator, 110% running shoe enthusiast

65 customer reviews

“Our shoe centers the force vector and guides it through the centers of the ankle and the knee joint to reduce harmful tilting and rotational forces when you run. Thus we address the root cause of the problem instead of fighting symptoms and harmful motion later.”

Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann
Founder, scientist, 110% running shoe enthusiast

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Centered on the runner

Countless runner types and even more shoe categories, material battles about the fluffiest cushioning or the best energy return. Neutral, cushioning, guidance, support, motion control – so many „treatment options“ that all miss the actual cause of the problem. In the end every runner wants the same: a perfect running experience – as comfortable, natural and efficient as possible.

That is exactly what we strive to achieve. Your running experience is our motivation. Which is why we turned our backs on the mainstream industry to found True Motion!